>More Minor Changes

>We sent out a mailing last week and are getting back the postcards with changes of address, so I’ve been using Arctic quite a bit to make changes to customer records. Here are a couple of suggestions based on my recent use.

1. Make the [customer mode] text either go away or be selected when you click in that box.
2. Allow the symbol & in the first name field. We have several clients that we send to “Bob & Mary”
3. The delete button for “hanging up” on a customer is scary. Even the words “hang up” would be better.

>Some Layout Changes

>Customer mode changes everything. Now the system is much simpler and we should think about changing the navigation and some other minor things.

1. The words “home page” don’t need to be on the home page anymore. In fact, many of the titles can be eliminated.
2. Some of the helpful notes are starting to get repetitive. Maybe take those off, or create a “learning mode” that can be turned on or off that has the helpful notes.
3. I’m going to claim that we don’t need the “create customer” area anymore. Because new customers should go through the “customer mode” so that we always check to see if a customer is already in our database. The “create caller” page should also have the “add to e-news” and “mailing list checkboxes. Also on this page, the default for email is “cemail” and it should be blank.

That’s all for now. Thanks for all the hard work, Nathan.

>Customer Mode (formerly caller mode)

>The customer mode upgrade, replacing caller mode, has been made. This change builds the feature directly into the design (so it takes up less space), speeds the process up and removes the button from the home page (you can no longer disable the feature). In addition, extra options like the ability to see reservations and user commands can easily be accessed from a popup box.

To test the latest version, login to Arctic Reservations and use the customer mode box on the top of any page.