Inquiry System (Partial Launch)

>The new inquiry system has partially launched. Due to the size of the update, it is being launched in parts to allow each part to be fully tested and integrated before moving on. As you might have seen, a new inquiry list has been implemented that shows inquiries in a more visually pleasing and easier to use format. In addition, there is now a follow up field that allows you to mark when an inquiry as “done” (for example, after you contact a customer again regarding the brochures you recently sent, etc). To do this, simply check the blue ball next to the inquiry. An orange check mark will then appear.

Any inquiries that you have not marked as done and that have a follow up date will appear on the home page, no matter the number. Since the follow up date field did not exist before, all old inquiries were automatically given a follow up date of two weeks from their creation. Existing users will have to mark inquiries that they have responded to as done.

The next part of the update which will be coming soon is the ability to associate inquiries with trips.

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