Calendar Cleanup, Reports and Subtrips


This is just a general update post about a variety of feature requests (one of which I have made):

Calendar Cleanup: (finally) The calendar has now been simplified, getting it all to be much smaller (by having smaller lines representing trips). This allows it to be on one screen even with many trips, yet you do not need to scroll. Also, now instead of every launch getting its own color, every trip gets its own color. This makes it much clearer to look at. If you really liked it the other way, I can change it easily on a per account basis (eventually, it will appear in the settings editor). Also note that if you have launches with no trip type, they will each receive their own color.

Reports: In response to Zach’s suggestion, I agree completely. With time, we will build up a collection of reports that each company can pick and choose from. Reports will vary for different purposes (accounting, permits, marketing, etc) and different programs (PDF, Excel, QuickBooks, etc). As we receive new requests for trips, they will be added to the library of reports so that other companies can benefit from similar reports. This project will grow slowly at first, but with time their will be a collection of choices available.

Subtrips/sublaunches: Soon (ie, end of this week), you will be able to have subtrips. This means that a trip might have a few different subtrips/sublaunches (for example, only going on part of a trip) that have their own duration, start day and costs. This will help offer a variety of options for one overall trip, yet common reports and information will be tracked for the main launch. Reports can either be run for the main launch, or any of the sublaunches. This is a big change and may take a little cleaning up, but it should be ready by the end of this week.

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