Reports by River Idea

>So I have a new idea about reports. I’m worried because as more outfitters sign on, you’ll have to creat all kinds of crazy reports for each individual outfitter. It would be great if you had a report template for each river.

An example is the Rogue river where we need to provide some specific reports to the BLM. Every outfitter that runs the Rogue has to produce the exact same reports. If you had a BLM Rogue template that we could choose from that would make reports easy for you to update. If the BLM decides they need some new information next year, you can update that template and everyone’s reports change accordingly.

In Idaho we need flight rosters. Most companies that run the Middle Fork of the Salmon need these as reports for their guides so that we can get our guests on the right flights after the trip. I’m sure that these flight rosters could be the same for all outfitters as well.

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