Great Job

This message was contributed by Zachary Collier, from Echo River Trips:

I’m headed to Idaho for the summer and just wanted to say thank you. You’ve done an amazing job with the reservation system and I really appreciate your openness to suggestions, your hard work, and dedication. I’m looking forward to your six day chess lesson on the Middle Fork next month.

Trouble Tickets for Support

This weekend brings an upgrade to the support system. Now when you use the contact support page of the site or e-mail, a new trouble ticket will be opened. This helps us organize support requests and keep track of which requests have been handled. With time, you will be able to see open trouble tickets from within Arctic Reservations.

Please make sure you contact support using one of the two methods described above. This will help to expedite your request.

Update: The trouble ticket system just did not work. Most customers found it easier to e-mail their questions in or call. And occasionally, trouble tickets would get deleted or ignored. So the system has been removed. Hopefully we will role out a better trouble ticket system later… but until then, keep calling and e-mailing!

Minor Changes

A new user permission level allows you to hide financial information from a read only user. This is good for guides who want to access reservation and launch details, but do not need to see pricing information.