New Features: Inquiry improvements

New features were added over the weekend, including:

  • Trip specific inquiries – You can now create inquiries that reference a specific trip. This helps the person following up the inquiry, as they have instant access to all details regarding that trip (including availability, etc).
  • Inquiry to reservation button – Along with the new trip specific inquiries is a new button that allows you to convert an inquiry into a reservation. Clicking the “reserve” button next to an inquiry will mark the inquiry as completed and will take you to the new reservation page with the customer and trip information already selected. This makes it easy to book a reservation for a customer during a follow up phone call.
  • New trip selector – To go with the new customer selection tool is a new trip selection tool. This can be seen both on the new inquiry and the new reservation page. The trip selection tool allows the pages to be much cleaner and more useful.