Decrease Paperwork with Electronic Waivers

With an increasing number of guests completing their registration forms online these days, many outfitters have been similarly seeking to move waivers and agreements into an automated electronic format. Arctic Reservations has long offered the ability to get guests to complete their trip waivers online, but we have often recommended using this in conjunction with paper waivers. Due to increased demand for electronic waivers, we have been in contact with some of the large industry insurers to discuss the exclusive reliance on electronic waivers. We are happy to announce that you can now greatly simplify the paperwork and compliance demands by taking advantage of the new e-waiver module in Arctic Reservations.

The e-waiver module offers the following safeguards:

  • The program complies with the requirements of the U.S. Federal ESIGN act, and most state regulatory requirements (please contact us regarding your specific state).
  • Each electronic signature is stored in an encrypted, date-stamped format that is uniquely linked to the original customer.
  • The system can handle waivers for minors, as well as allow users to opt for a traditional paper waiver at any time.
  • All completed waivers are securely stored and are fully retrievable for at least seven years.
Implementing this new module can be a great benefit to office efficiency, as it decreases paperwork, decreases storage space and allows you to expedite trip starts.
Existing customers who are interested in exclusively using electronic waivers should speak with a support representative to learn more about the e-waiver module and the necessary implementation steps.