It’s Spring Again!

It is that time of year again when we roll out several new features. The first feature being launched this spring are the new Collapsable & Conditional Form Fields. These fields will allow you to keep certain fields hidden until the heading is clicked or to keep certain fields hidden unless a specific answer is received from another defined field. For some of you this is really going to improve your guest registration process as you will be able to control the questions asked based on the answers received. On the backend, the Collapsable fields are going to be great for keeping your backend forms more streamlined by allowing you to only expose certain fields when they may be applicable and otherwise have the hidden under a nice section title. This feature takes only a little time to describe but it will greatly change and improve the way you manage your forms in Arctic. To read more about the new Collapsable and Conditional Form Fields check out the support documentation.

The next features that have been added this spring are some exciting new email options. First, we have added a “Shipping Confirmation” email template that you can now send to e-commerce guests with their tracking details.

Also on the email front we have added Rental Item placeholders. The new Rental Item placeholders will allow you to access specific rental item information within a guest’s rental to provide them with more detail about the items they have rented. These new rental item placeholders are found in the “+Add Placeholder” menus of Invoice, Rental Details, and Order Confirmation email templates, as well as in the Before Rental & After Rental email triggers.

Along with the new Rental Item placeholders, there is also an new Advanced Logic placeholder that will allow you to cycle over all of the items in a rental to provide specific rental item information to your guests for each item they rented. The new Advanced Logic is available in all of the same templates and triggers where you will find the Rental Item placeholders.

We are also announcing beta testing for our new Trip Form feature. The Trip Form feature is an entirely new feature that will allow you to create any forms you would like to have completed by your staff in regards to your trips. These can be pre or post trip forms and can be completed by any user in the system with “User” access or above. Responses can only be viewed by users with “Super User” access or above. If you are interested in exploring the new Trip Forms as a beta tester, please contact support and we will be happy to provide you with additional details.

And as always, if you have any questions about the new features or need anything else, please feel free to contact support we are always here to help.