Online Gift Certificates Are Here! Hurray!🎉 

That’s right. Arctic has recently launched a new online gift certificate feature that will allow you to sell gift certificates to your guests online. This new feature is available with any edition of Arctic and does not require the use of the retail module although it integrates nicely with the retail module e-commerce features.

The new online gift certificate feature allows you to create gift certificates for set amounts that your guests can then purchase through the guest-facing site.

Guest-Facing Site Purchase Interface on Installation w/o Retail Module

Guest-Facing Site Purchase Interface on Installation w/ Retail Module

For all online gift certificates that you create you will be able to set an image, an amount, and specify whether the gift certificate should expire. You can also specify a business group for the gift certificates which will allow you to control which guest-facing sites they are offered on (only applicable if you have multiple guest-facing sites) and also allow you to track their sales by business group if you would like to distinguish them a bit further.

It is important to note that even though, you can assign an online gift certificate to a specific business group that its business group assignment will not limit what it can be redeemed for. It will still be able to be redeemed for any offering you have. Just like the gift certificates you generate on the backend. In Arctic, all gift certificates, whether online or backend, are treated as a payment method and are therefore available for redemption in any payment context.

The online gift certificate feature is designed around the idea of delivering a guest’s gift certificate purchases electronically. Yay! Less paper and plastic in the world! AND, more importantly, less effort on your part as this process could be entirely automated with the inclusion of the gift certificate syntax in your “Order Confirmation” email templates. You could also create a pretty printable option for each gift certificate purchased that could be emailed by using the “Gift Certificate” email template. These options make handling gift certificate purchases simple and easy as well as planet friendly. 🤓🌏

While electronic delivery is the only option available for installations without the retail module, physical delivery options can be offered on installations that are using the retail module e-commerce feature.

You can read more about the new online gift certificate feature in the Gift Certificate chapter of our support documentation. The documentation explains how to create and purchase online gift certificates. It also provides details on the available delivery options and how to configure them.

If you would like to use the new Online Gift Certificate feature, let us know and we will be happy to enable the feature for you. And as always if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact support.