Arctic Reservations

Arctic Reservations

Features & Editions

Arctic Reservations is available in three different editions, Ascent, Snow Line, and Summit, each with added functionality. In addition, we offer an Arctic Retail add-on that includes point-of-sale service, e-commerce tools, and photo sales.

Functionality Ascent Snow Line Summit
Organize Business Into Divisions
Use a hierarchical organization to group locations, regions and services.
Yes Yes Yes
Enforce Permit Caps
In addition to per-trip availability, you can define overarching permit caps to limit starts, simultaneous passengers and/or specific dates.
Yes Yes
Support Multiple Brands & Businesses
Run multiple business from one installation, including support for distinct branding, invoice templates and guest-facing sites.
Trip Management
Set a range of trip settings, including pricing, durations, openings, fees and add-on items.
Yes Yes Yes
Trip Attachments
Associate documents with trips, such as maps, packing lists and instructions, which can be attached to emails or accessed by guests via the guest-facing site.
Yes Yes Yes
Sell Portions of Longer Trips
If you have overlapping trips with shared resources, use subtrips to prevent overallocation of resources.
Yes Yes
Estimate Trip Expenses
Enter data regarding approximate costs for trips to analyze profits, costs and margins.
Optional Trip Add-ons
Offer optional trip add-ons, such optional extras and up-sells.
Yes Yes Yes
Associate Inventory Required for Trips
Link inventory with trips to ensure sufficient equipment availability for all guests booked. Prevents over-allocating resources and track usage.
Yes Yes
Offer Guests Gear Choices Based on Availability
Allow guests to select between boats or other gear based on availability.
Yes Yes
Tasks & Reminders
Stay on top of trip and activity logistics by setting up automatic reminders before and after trips.
Yes Yes
Reservation Management
Book and manage reservations, tracking associated customers, registration information and referral data.
Yes Yes Yes
Group Mode Reservations
Manage groups of reservations where there is one primary guest, breaking the group into individual reservations with individual invoices.
Yes Yes
Reservation Holds
Hold availability for guests while they consider booking. Schedule reminder emails and provide guests a link to confirm their booking online.
Yes Yes
Rental Management
Set up rental and lodging inventory, pricing and quantities and other settings like recovery times between rentals. Reserve inventory for guests.
Yes Yes Yes
Combine Multiple Rental Items into Rental Sets
Rent sets of items as one. Useful for common gear configurations or combined lodging configurations.
Yes Yes
Guest-Facing Website
Offer the guests a portal for booking and managing activities through a seamlessly branded guest-facing website.
Yes Yes Yes
Branded Subdomain
Arctic Reservations will run on a subdomain of your website.
Yes Yes
API Access
Use the API to integrate other software with Arctic Reservations. For example, link your website to automatically create customers records and inquiries based on your contact form.
Custom Landing Pages
Use landing pages to sell specific trips or packages. Landing pages are easily indexed by search engines to help increase potential visitation.
Yes Yes
Cross-Promote Items Online
Cross-promote trips, rental gear and retail items during the purchase process.
Yes Yes
Online Reservations
Guests can book trips online, including selecting the desired optional add-ons.
Yes Yes Yes
Online Rentals
Guests can book rental rental gear and lodging online.
Yes Yes Yes
Invoice Management
Issue invoices, edit payment plans, set cancellation policies and track payments.
Yes Yes Yes
Credit Card Processing
Arctic Reservations works with select payment gateways to process transactions within the software, preventing the need for a local terminal.
Yes Yes Yes
e-Check Processing
Connect with common e-check providers to allow low fee transaction processing.
Yes Yes
Flexible Online Guest Payments
Guests can pay securely online. Include payment links in your email templates, so guests can access their invoice from their inbox.
Yes Yes
Issue & Track Gift Certificates
Specify amount and expiration, then track remaining balance.
Yes Yes
Promo Codes & Automated Discounts
Set up discounts with special requirements, discount codes, expiration dates and more.
Yes Yes
Online & Backend Inquiries
Track guest interest in trips and activities and schedule follow-ups.
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Online Inquiry Forms
Build custom online inquiry forms to collect general interest, contact information and more.
Guest Check-In
Mark when guests arrive and have checked-in for their activity.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Forms
Add and customize fields to track everything from marketing details to emergency contact information.
Yes Yes Yes
Customize Registration Forms
Tailor registration forms to your trips, using existing custom fields or adding your own custom fields.
Yes Yes
Collect Guest Registration Information Online
Send out registration links so users can fill in registration details, whether or not they booked online.
Yes Yes
Accept Online Liability/Risk Waivers
Have guests submit electronic waivers in compliance with the U.S. Federal ESIGN act and with standards set out by leading industry insurers.
Guide Management & Scheduling
Link guides with full or partial trips. Use the scheduling tool to highlight trips where additional guides are needed.
Track Booking Agents & Commissions
Create booking agents, each with unique commission schedules. Give booking agents credit for reservations that they resell.
Offer Discounts For Multi-Activity Packages
Easily define flexible packages of 2 or more activities through a flexible set of conditions, which can include a range of choices in their package activities.
Guest Evaluations
Design multi-question evaluation forms and collect guest responses through your guest-facing site.
Private Guest Photo & Video Sharing
Following a trip, invite guests to share photos and videos. Enables guests stay connected to their experience, and helps them to tell others about it as well.
Send Email Using Customizable Templates
Use your preferred email client to create beautiful looking HTML designs. Configure templates with placeholders to be populated with guest information and links.
Yes Yes Yes
Schedule Automated Email Triggers
Create email triggers to automate common email reminder tasks, such as unpaid invoices or trip reminders.
Yes Yes
External Email Logging
In addition to tracking emails sent through Arctic Reservations, the software can be integrated with your existing email to track day-to-day messages sent and received from customers.
Mailing List Integration
Synchronize guest email preferences with select marketing email services.
Yes Yes Yes
Sell Activities via Distribution Channels
Connect with select distribution channels to synchronize availability and bookings.
Yes Yes Yes
Email & Phone Support
Contact our team with questions or concerns as you need.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Uptime Guarantee
Your reservations are important. Rest assured that you can always access them.
99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
User Management
Create user accounts for all staff and provide different levels of data access based on roles/responsibilities.
Yes Yes Yes
Regular Backups
Continuous backups are made throughout the day and stored offsite for added security.
Yes Yes Yes
Security Features
SSL encryption, firewalls and careful security analysis ensure your data is only accessible to designated users.
Yes Yes Yes
Setup Cost
There is no setup fee, so you do not need to feel locked in.
$0 $0 $0
Percentage Fees
Arctic Reservations is priced per installation. Your costs do not vary based on the number of reservations or the amount of revenue – your costs shouldn't rise as you grow.
0% 0% 0%
Monthly Cost
Costs can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. For an added fee, costs can be consolidated to your peak season.
$199 $279 $349

Notes: Ascent edition must select either reservation or rental management. Data storage and email throughput are capped in Arctic Reservations.


Add-On Options

Arctic Retail

The Arctic Retail module can be added to any Arctic Reservations installation and will manage retail operations. Everything from purchase orders through receipts can be easily automated, all while remaining linked with the rest of the data in Arctic Reservations. For example, retail sales can be linked with a customer record, allowing a guest to pay for their merchandise and outstanding trip costs in one easy transaction.

Functionality Ascent Snow Line Summit
Track Vendors
Collect vendor information, contact details and more.
Yes Yes Yes
Issue Purchase Orders
Create customize purchase orders with headings, custom fields and item orders.
Yes Yes Yes
Track Retail Inventory
See inventory levels and sales for all items sold.
Yes Yes Yes
Sell via the Point-Of-Sale Interface
Use an extremely fast and intuitive point-of-sale interface to run transactions.
Yes Yes Yes
Link Transactions with Customers
From the POS terminal, you can link a transaction with a customer and accept reservation/rental payments simultaneously.
Yes Yes Yes
Offer inventory through your website, manage shipping methods & tax rules and track orders.
Yes Yes Yes
Photo Sales
Upload, organize and sell photos either on-site via kiosks or online via the guest-facing site.
Monthly Cost
The added cost for Arctic Retail.

✢ On-site hardware, needed for photo sales kiosks, is priced separately. Online photo sales requires the Online edition.

Seasonal Pricing Plan

If you would prefer to make payments only during your peak season, the cost of Arctic Reservations can be consolidated to five months. This allows you to delay the costs of your reservation system until you have an ample profit stream.

The seasonal plan requires a one year commitment to Arctic Reservations.

Added Fee: 4.9%

Additional Guest-Facing Site

If you sell services under multiple brands, or just want to have multiple guest portals for purchasing, registering and paying, you can setup additional guest-facing sites. Each guest-facing site has its own address and design. In addition, you can customize each site to only show a specific subset of your trips and/or inventory.

The cost for the guest-facing site covers hosting, SSL certificate to securely accept credit cards and the initial design setup.

Added Fee: $25 per month


As Arctic Reservations is looking to grow its community of outfitters, we offer competitive commissions to existing outfitters who refer new customers to Arctic Reservations. Please speak with your sales agent about commission rates to learn more.