Launch Openings

A new feature has been added to the “new reservation” page meant to assist with monitoring the number of reservations per launch, especially when it comes to sublaunches. After selecting a trip, a table with the number of openings, reservations and remaining free spots will appear allowing for you to visually confirm the proper number of openings before proceeding with the reservation.

New Trip Field

A new field has been added to the trip editor that allows you to select a river. Although only a few rivers are listed now, selecting a river allows you to access reports and forms specific to that river (for example, BLM Manifest or Forest Service Registration Form). With time, the collection of supported rivers will grow, making it easy to prepare reports specific to your trip.

In other news, big pages (such as the home page and the launches page) have been optimized for much faster loading. Although the speed was not an issue before, this will ensure Arctic Reservations ability to scale to larger amounts of information.