Invoice Custom Message

>A long requested update now allows you to have customized messages in the bottom left hand corner of the invoice. Use the settings page to setup the default message, as well as preset messages that can be selected. Then, when viewing an invoice, you can click edit next to any of the lines of the custom message. From there, either select a preset message or type in a custom one for special guests. Or, if you want to revert to the default message, there is even a link for that.

Note for existing customers: all custom messages will be blank for now. Use the settings menu to customize the message, and then click “set to default” on invoices that you want to add the message to. Otherwise, it will remain blank.

We went for the ultimate flexibility for this feature, but understand that this can easily make it to confusing. As a result, I encourage you to play around with it a little (nothing can go wrong if that’s all you are changing), and then contact your support representative if you having any further questions.

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